Friday, May 19, 2017

Ambassador in the Spotlight: Amanda

Finals Week; the words alone make some Adelphi students shutter.  A week full of exams, papers, late nights, tons of coffee (if you are like me) that closes out the end of every semester.  It is the final show, the last hurdle before freedom and while some cannot wait for it to be over, as I approach my final days before graduation I cannot help, but see finals week a little differently.  From the late night c-stores trips to the numerous pep talks I bestowed onto my friends to the necessary daily trips to Dunkin Donuts, finals week will always be some of my favorite memories.  

The key to finals week is to embrace it.  Finals stress is much easier to deal with, if you just accept it and then focus on working hard to doing your best.  At the end of the day, finals week is just one week of the semester and with the right tricks it goes by like a blink of an eye.

  1. Ask For Help
    • If you need help, get it.  The professors at Adelphi are one-of-a-kind.  Even if you have never visited their office hours before, do not be afraid to go to them and ask questions that will help you ace your exams!
  2. Take Breaks
    • Studying does not have to be a 24/7 job, even during finals week.  Too much of anything is never a good thing.  Make sure you find time each day to take a break and step away from the books.  It is important to recharge your brain, especially before a test, for maximum success.  A great way to do this is hanging out with friends, taking a nap or going to the Center for Recreation and Sports for a quick workout.

  1. Find Support From Within Your Friends
    • You know the saying “we are all in this together”, well it never rings more truth than it does during finals week.  Everyone has exams to study for and papers to write.  The best part about Adelphi is we care about one another and we are there to support one another.  In fact, some of my closest friendships at Adelphi were formed during finals week.
  2. Find Your Study Spot
    • Adelphi offers so many different places to study that you are bound to find your perfect location.  There is the Nexus Building, the Underground Cafe, the cliche Swirbul Library (shout out to Club Swirbz) and my favorite spot, the Waldo Quad.  Nothing beats studying outside in the fresh air and playing music while studying with friends!

  1. Eat Well and Sleep Well
    • Self care, even during finals week is so important!  Make sure you are getting a full night of sleep, especially before exams. Be sure to eat healthy as your brain is powered by the food you eat and it ensures that you use all your extra meals for the semester!
  2. Switch Subjects
    • If you take anything away from these tips, let it be this one.  The trick to surviving finals week is to put time into all of your classes.  Odds are you will have a day or two with two finals and you will need to figure out how to balance having different subjects.  The key to is to switch around.  It allows your brain to refresh and it allows you to stay ahead on your tests that are later in the week.
  3. See You Laters: Are The Worst Part
    • The one thing everyone fails to mention, is once finals are over, friends head back home and seniors graduate.  The end of the week is full of “see you laters” and because the friendships you make at Adelphi mean the world, they are without a doubt the worst part, until you make awesome summer meet up plans.

From laughing fits with new found friends to tearful goodbyes, finals week is more than just a week of exams and papers.  Before you know it, it will be your turn to graduate and I can guarantee you will not remember the stress from your tests, but the memories you have made at Adelphi that will last you a lifetime.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ambassador in the Spotlight: Bridget

As I prepare to graduate in 8 days, I feel incredibly blessed to have spent the past four years at Adelphi. Through a combination of small, fascinating classes, caring professors, and amazing opportunities for personal and professional development, my growth as an individual astounds me. Before coming to Adelphi, I was a perfectionistic, shy student with a passion for science and teaching.  As a graduating senior, I can say that I have truly learned the importance of balance in order to lead a healthy, happy life.  At Adelphi, my love for science and education has grown, as have my abilities to help others and myself.

In my time at Adelphi, I have had the opportunity to participate in many activities that have contributed to my growth. I am graduating with a degree in physics with minors in adolescent education and math, but these programs do not begin to describe my involvement on campus.  During the first week of my freshman year, I joined the Newman Club, a Catholic club that became one of many sources of friendship and support. I was able to be myself and meet amazing people, participate in events both on and off campus, and develop leadership skills that led to my place on the executive board during my junior year.

I have also had the opportunity to work for two departments at Adelphi, the Admissions Office and the Learning and Writing Center.  In Admissions, I was able to help prospective students find a home at Adelphi by describing my experiences and love for the school.  I have answered phone calls, given tours, and worked with Admissions Counselors to complete office projects.  This involvement led to a position as a Senior Ambassador as well as a graduate assistantship for next year as I pursue my Master's in Adolescent Education.  At the Learning and Writing Center, I have acted as a peer tutor for physics and math courses and have taught recitations (essentially extra help problem-solving sessions) for introductory physics, through which I have developed skills to be used in my career as a teacher.

I have participated in classroom observations at a variety of local high schools which have allowed me to learn from excellent teachers and practice my own teaching techniques.  I am very excited to begin my student teaching next year!

Participating in these activities and jobs while pursuing my degree has been a challenge as well as a major learning experience for me.  There were many days that were difficult and I stumbled on a variety of occasions, but I never felt alone in my struggles. My friends and family have been a major source of support, as have my professors. Before beginning college, I was sad to leave the encouraging and caring teachers at my high school, as I believed that I would not find this in college.  This misconception was addressed right from my start at Adelphi, on my college tour, when I learned about the small classes that allowed professors to get to know their students.  The professors at Adelphi care about your growth and progress in addition to your success within the classroom and into the future, which has helped me to grow significantly.

Today marks the first day of my last finals week as an undergraduate student at Adelphi, a fact that I am not quite ready to accept, however, I feel prepared and ready to begin the next step in my life!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Ambassador in the Spotlight: Adam

What most first year students experience when choosing Adelphi, is the amazing Adelphi tour guide program. On the tour ,perspective students learn about campus life and what Adelphi means to the Ambassadors. On this tour, I first learned of an amazing event that the entire Adelphi Community Participates in; called Spring Concert. My tour guide, gave an excellent explanation of what Spring Concert means to its students. Since that day I knew about Spring Concert and that I wanted to attend Spring Concert. Through my involvement with the Students Activities Board (SAB), I was not only able to attend spring concert but I was able to work behind the scenes. 

With my involvement in SAB I have had the opportunity to attend more than half the events we bring on campus and to work with my fellow members, the chairs, and the e-board on our cotton candy and popcorn machines. I had the opportunity to work closely at one of our game nights and help run the event with our current Vice President of Programming and our Game Night Chair. I also had the privilege to attend this year’s National Association for Campus Activities Convention with SAB. As well as becoming the Student Government Association representative. These experiences has helped me to develop into a stronger leader. Through Spring Concert  I was able to coordinate certain processes that happen throughout the night of the concert. I have developed my leadership skills in being a member the year and a future member of the E-Board, which plans and books the artists during the year. I have grown in my ability to collaborate with others and bring people together as a community regardless of their differences. I have found comfort in coming together with my Adelphi family to work together and to build peer skills.

Those experiences has helped me to get a better experience at Adelphi. Through Spring Concert, I was able to understand where the motivation, dedication, and excitement the community has. Spring Concert enhanced my Adelphi Experience to the extent of which I was able to coordinate with SAB's chairs, Members and the E-board to bring a huge event and made everything work out perfectly. The organizations efforts put on an amazing concert. Through my dedication and commitment I was fortunate enough to meet our opening act of Tinashe and main artist DNCE. Communication, organization, leadership, and representation are the key components of what any e-board member should exemplify. All of which I have gain and enhanced in my experience  For the next academic year I will proudly be serving as the Vice President of Correspondence (or Secretary) for SAB.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ambassador in the Spotlight: Danielle

“You’re transferring in the middle of your junior year?! You must be crazy!!!” This was a very common phrase I heard a lot once my decision to transfer came out. With every new person who approached me saying this the more I began to challenge my decision. The rush of emotions I felt every time someone offered their opinions was unreal. The last few weeks at my old school was filled with goodbyes and lots and lots of uncertainty. I had applied to a few schools in New York and had gotten accepted, I wasn’t sure which school I would call my home when I packed up my room in my old residence hall. I just knew I would not be returning. Once I returned to New York the following weeks would be filled with many campus tours and lots of email exchanges with a few phone calls mixed in. I finally narrowed my options down to two schools. I was completely torn between two amazing programs. After visiting both school three times each I finally committed to Adelphi University. I was going to be a black panther. The relief that flooded me was so overwhelming. 

Fast forward to moving on to campus. Since I was transferring to Adelphi for the beginning of the spring semester and since Adelphi is located in New York wouldn’t ya know it was supposed to snow the day I was scheduled to move in. Being that I live almost two hours away I called Adelphi’s residence life and told them my story they were more than happy to let me move in a few days earlier to beat the snow. From that moment on I knew I had made the right decision. I committed to a school that was always going to be in my corner helping me out and leaning a hand when I need support.

During my very first semester here I was placed into classes that challenged my opinions, pushed me to work harder than I ever had for a grade and was forced to step outside my comfort zone socially in more ways that I can even count. I joined Student Activity Board (SAB) and started to meet new people as well as helping to lean a hand on planning events around campus. My sorority pushed me to meet more people than I ever imagined and encouraged me to be a campus leader. After thriving in my major during this first semester I was offered a place in the national honor society for biology majors Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta). I also became an admissions ambassador during my first semester. I was one of the few students who get to meet prospective students and help them pick the most amazing university! 

With all the support I gained the very first semester I knew my senior year would be nothing short of amazing. When fall 2016 came around I moved on to campus and participated in Welcome Wagon which is a program where upperclassmen help the freshmen move into their residence hall. How cool is that?! Your first semester you don’t even have to lift a finger when it comes to carrying all the wonderful things up to your room in your new home. The semester was off to a great start. What made this semester even more amazing is I was given a space in an amazing internship at Winthrop University Hospital. I was able to see many different departments at the hospital and work with many different health care providers. I had only been at Adelphi for one semester and barely knew my way around Nassau County but somehow was placed in this competitive internship!

One of the very many perks of going to a small school is how badly the professors want you to be successful. 

One of the very many things that stuck out to me about Adelphi is how passionate the whole campus is about community service. I found myself getting very busy with every opportunity I had to serve the community around me. One of the very popular things Adelphi Students including myself love to do is cook a meal for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House on Long Island. Upon walking into the house my very first time I fell completely in love with it and the work they do. I applied for an internship at the house and received it! I spent my senior year as an intern at the Ronald McDonald House! Without Adelphi’s love for community service I would have never known about this amazing house and all it does for the families that stay there.

With the support of my professors and some amazing peers I begin the process to start a club on campus! After gaining approval from the Center of Student Involvement the Physician Assistant club was born! I became the Co-Leader and begin planning events with the rest of the Executive Board. We hosted events where Physician Assistants came and networked with students on campus, we held a fundraiser for Rely for Life where we raised over $630 towards the American Cancer Society! We hosted a few very successful Narcan trainings where we certified fellow peers on how to administer Naloxone (a drug that reverses an opioid overdose).

During the winter intersession I decided to keep busy! Due to an opportunity I had learned about through the pre-professional advisor on campus, I found myself in Colorado for two weeks. This two week intense program paired pre-medicine students from around the country up with some of the finest doctors in Colorado, shadowing opportunities in a level one trauma emergency room and even spend some time in the Rocky Mountains to become a wilderness first responder.

Spring break was no different; I spent the week in Peru. I learned about this opportunity through the pre-professional advisor on campus as well. I volunteered with a medical mission trip. During this week I was able to shadow in the operating room, draw blood from patients, and do community outreach projects all related to the medical field.

Although I did not spend the typical four years on Adelphi’s beautiful campus I can say that after just three short semesters I have left my mark on campus and it has left a mark on my heart. I have grown as a leader and prospered as a student. I was pushed to limits and surpassed any goals I had for myself. As my days dwindle down (30 days left!) I can only imagine what the next chapter holds for me. I began applying to Physician Assistant programs and with my gap year I intend to travel. I accepted a fulltime job in China that begins in September. Without the support I have received during these three semesters I would not have been able to achieve all of these wonderful things. Without the support of the pre professional office I would not have learned about all the amazing things I chose to occupy my time with. With the support of my peers I have changed those peers into some of my best friends, and I’m even lucky enough to call some of them my sisters.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Ambassador in the Spotlight: Kristina


One of my favorite things about Adelphi is that you can follow your passions while simultaneously following your career path. I, myself, am studying to be a math teacher but I’ve always been passionate about fighting cancer. Ever since I was a little girl, I have seen many of my family members and friends suffer from this vicious disease and have wanted to fight back. Adelphi University gave me that opportunity.


Each year, Adelphi hosts an event called Relay for Life. Throughout the year students, faculty, and the local community raise awareness and fundraise leading up to this large 12 hour event. During Relay for Life participants are given the opportunity to remember those that they have lost, honor those that are fighting, and take a stance against cancer.


Relay for Life has truly enhanced my experience at Adelphi. Through it I have developed my leadership skills in being a member of the Event Leadership Team, which plans fundraisers throughout the year, and helps coordinate Relay for Life. I have grown in my ability to collaborate with others and bring people together as a community regardless of their differences. I have found comfort in coming together with my Adelphi family to fight back against this disease which has affected all of us.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Ambassador in the Spotlight: Rachel

The day I received my acceptance letter from Adelphi was the day my life changed forever.  I didn’t know it at the time, but choosing Adelphi and pushing myself out of my comfort zone was the best decision I could have made. Of course the move up to New York from Maryland, my hometown, was a little daunting at first, especially given that I didn’t know any one else yet!  However, when freshmen orientation rolled around I was immediately at ease when I met so many people, a lot of whom are still close friends to this day.

            Adelphi has always been there for me, from public safety officers helping me fix a flat tire off-campus to being picked up from the train station late at night; I know Adelphi has my back.  A common agreement amongst our community is that people at Adelphi are all so friendly.  It’s true!  I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for the friendships I’ve made with peers and mentors along the way. Through staff connections, I’ve been able to go see new pieces of theatre that are a vital part of my learning experience as an acting major.  I’ve been recommended for jobs such as a position as the dance and drama instructor at a summer camp this past summer at which I had a blast!  And now, this summer I’m travelling to the remote village of Papingo, Greece to study in the OYL Apprentice Program, a theatre immersive training experience!  Without Adelphi and the resources it has given me, my dreams would remain merely dreams, but here I am and here I go making those dreams come true!

I chose Adelphi because I felt like I could be myself, I felt at home.  This summer, my family is moving out to Denver, which will make the distance between my families even greater.  When people ask if I will still attend Adelphi once we move, I can’t help but laugh.  No matter how great the distance, nothing could come between me and my love of Adelphi, me and my second family, me and my home away from home.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Ambassador in the Spotlight: Marissa


 My name is Marissa Flaherty and I am a freshman, Art and Design Education major. When I first came to Adelphi, I was very nervous and had no idea what to do. I got myself super involved, to make new friends and gain new experiences. Getting involved is definitely one of the best things you can do as a freshman to get adjusted to the new environment. I am an Admissions Ambassador, a member of the Adelphi Cheerleading Team, a part of Greek life, a member in FTA, Circle K, and C.A.L.I.B.E.R, and also work in the art department.

     That being said, getting involved can also make your days sometimes stressful. When you have to juggle classes, work, a sports team, and clubs/organizations life can get very hectic. This is where time management comes in and probably the most important thing you have to learn when coming to college. Already being halfway through my second semester I feel that I have become an expert at managing my time. After making my class schedule, I managed to put my work schedule in-between, before and after classes. I balanced that out with my practice and activities schedule so I have a set time time for everything and I even gave myself about 2 hours a day for homework when I get back home at night. Give or take some days you may have more homework than other days, so you also have to work around that and try to get everything done early so, your mind can be cleared and stress free! College so far has been such an amazing and rewarding experience, learning new things everyday and meeting so many new people! If I had to give one piece of advice to incoming freshman, it would be to get involved but to also manage your time well.

     Another thing to do to handle your responsibilities and not get stressed is to find a good balance between your crazy schedule and time to relax or hangout with friends. Make sure to plan things to do with friends over the weekends. This makes getting through a crazy week much easier because you have something to look forward to.